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Family and Couple Shoots

Getting out with a couple or family for a shoot is a lot of fun.  I don't do studio shoots, so if you're after photos with a white backdrop and everyone smiling straight at the camera, I'm not your guy.  I prefer a much more relaxed approach, getting outside and having some fun with you.

My pricing is a little controversial!  I don't lure you in with a free shoot and then charge high fees for each image you want.  Instead, I have a flat fee of £150 which includes at least 50 fully edited, high-res digital images to download.  I'm a friendly chap, so I like to be friendly with my prices.


Let's get the kids out having some fun!  I like to spend 60-90 minutes with you and your favourite people at whatever location you choose (please choose Barbados!).  It's a really informal shoot where we mess around and laugh a lot.  I even let the kids take some photos.

Baby photoshoot

New Borns

Got a new born baby and want some photos but really hate the cheesy stuff with them sat in baskets?  Me too!  Instead, lets get some nice natural photos of you all at home.



Typcially, couples only go on a photoshoot when they get married.  Then we just get the occasional snap at someone elses wedding or a family event.  Just like my family shoots, I'll take you out for a fun time on a 60-90 minute shoot.  Pick any nice outdoor location (did I mention I'd like to go to Barbados) and we can go and have a laugh together.

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